Become a member today

                                               All emergency department doctors are encouraged to apply .
 Types of membership:

 Full member: doctors, and nurses (and other allied health workers) holding bachelor degree.

 Associate member: allied health care workers (Nurses, paramedics, and technicians) holding diploma related to the field of Emergency Medicine.


 Membership benefits:

 All members:

  • Group subscription in medical journals and other educational resources related to EM.
  • Participation in all OSEM activities at discounted rates.

  • Priority registration in local and regional workshops.
  • Participation in regional conferences at discounted rates.
  • The privilege of sponsoring your research topic for consideration for presentation at the annual Regional Emergency Medicine conferences.
  • Networking and informal scientific exchange with leading EM experts in the country.
  • Membership in the International Federation for Emergency Medicine

 Full members: in addition to above,

  • Membership in Oman Medical Association with all its membership privileges.
  • Legal support against medicolegal malpractice claims.

 Associate members: in addition to ALL members benefits

  • ​Discounted membership fees.

  • Privilege to establish specialty clubs within the society (eg Emergency Nursing Club, EMS club, etc)

  • Sponsoring once a year scientific event for their club. ​

 Membership fees:
 Full membership: 50 RO
 Associate membership: 10 RO