Improve health services in emergency departments in the Sultanate of Oman.



-Advocate for Emergency Medicine patients and physicians.

- Lead Emergency Medicine education in the country.

- Connect Emergency Medicine  staff across the country.


General rules and regulations:

Oman Society of Emergency Medicine (OSEM) is a branch of Oman Medical Association.

 OSEM follows the rules and regulations governing the work of the Oman Medical Association, except that pertain to emergency medicine.

 OSEM is a nonprofit, independent, professional organization. It has no political, religious or sectarian orientation.

 Membership is open to all doctors, nurses , and paramedical staff who has interest in EM.

 Member must have bachelor degree in medical or health sciences , must be a good conduct, and undertakes in writing to respect the Omani laws and the OMA’s bylaws and the professional ethics.

 Further details of these rules and regulations are listed on By-Laws